Why Small Business Branding is Neglected & Why It's a Mistake

By Platt's Printing Co. October 23, 2017


When running a small business, life moves fast. With tighter margins and less stability, it's understandable when an 'I' goes undotted or a 'T' goes uncrossed. But, too often, small business branding becomes a casualty of that scramble. When branding is neglected, it creates more problems than it solves. If you run a small business or have decision-making power within one, it's time to make your voice heard in favor of a strong visual brand. It's an important piece of the puzzle to help your company grow. 

Below are a few objections to small business branding and why they don't hold up:

Saving Money ... For What?

"We can't afford to spend on that." The most common objection to investing in a strong visual brand is money. No one can deny that cutting costs is important for a small business. But, money saved doesn't matter much if the business doesn't make it. Without branding, a small business is in peril. If you're not investing in branding to save for the future, know that branding helps make that future possible. It's a worthwhile investment and a truly strong brand will pay off for years to come. 


Branding Makes a Small Business Feel Bigger 

"Our company is too small to need branding." When small businesses see themselves as small, it can lead to trouble. Of course, financially, small businesses need to be aware of limitations and not spend frivolously. But, that mindset should be applied more to pizza parties than to business essentials. Branding is essential. It's not just for big companies. In fact, small business branding helps create the perception that the company is bigger and more prominent than it may be at the moment. If your business is looking to grow, you can use a strong visual brand as a foundation.  


Small Business Branding Brings Your Vision to Life

"We can worry about that down the line." You may think about a company logo, colors, and brand guidelines as something that comes later on in the timeline of your business. That way of thinking is robbing you of seeing your vision come to life sooner. A one-of-a-kind logo, unique colors, and signature style choices (like fonts or design standards) are what gives your company identity and relays your purpose through visual branding. It's due time to see your vision in living color.

It's time to go to bat for small business branding. Neglecting a strong visual brand is danger to any small business. If you've heard (or said) any of the above objections, keep what you've read in mind and make branding a priority for your company. 


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