The Difference Between Buying a T-Shirt from an Online Company and a Company Online

By Platt's Printing Co. February 08, 2017


Not all t-shirts are created equal. Even if the fabric is the same, what goes on the t-shirt matters

Why do people need screen printed apparel? They want to send a message. Whether that is a message promoting an event, supporting a cause, or identifying someone as part of a group, the message should be entirely unique. Uniqueness and individuality are a few things that separate the experience of buying a t-shirt from an online company and buying a t-shirt form a company online. 

Here's why the former will get you a t-shirt you'll wear and the latter will get get you a t-shirt you'll love:


Buying a T-Shirt from an Online Company

Companies like Custom Ink are built to mass produce and ship screen printed apparel. But, there is little customization and less heart. Instead of a design that truly represents you, you can only select from a line-up of clipart images and standardized layout options. Everything is built for efficiency, not individuality. If you don't care about your event or cause standing out, that's a perfectly fine option. If you need apparel that truly represents you, you'll want to seek out an alternative (hint, hint). Big Online T-Shirt Companies are barely involved in the process at all. Because of how standardized it is, they don't have control over the printing or shipping. If something goes wrong with either, that's a knot that the customer has to untangle with little support. 

Buying a T-Shirt from a company online

What is it like to buy a t-shirt from Platt's Printing? For starters, Platt's Printing has an in-house design department. Very few companies can say that. That design department runs entirely on passion (and maybe a cup of coffee here and there). The designers at Platt's Printing get up each day for one very important reason: to print you. When you go to Platt's for a t-shirt, you're getting a 100% customized experience. Instead of choosing from a barrel of clip art images, the designers at Platt's will work with you to make your original idea come to life. What's more, Platt's Printing has complete control over the process. From the printing to the shipping, Platt's directly handles your order. So, if there's the slightest hiccup, you'll have a number to call and an actual person will answer the phone. That's unparalleled service. Platt's will even hand off your box of t-shirts to the UPS driver who will deliver them to you (his name is Kevin). Platt's prints you and oversees the process from design to delivery. 

If you want a t-shirt that will look like a bunch of other t-shirts, buying a t-shirt from an Online Company makes sense. If you want a t-shirt that will make people stop and say 'Whoa, cool! Where did you get that?' you want to go to Platt's Printing. Platt's design department is top notch and will ensure that your apparel sends the message you want it to. 


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