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8 Things to Consider When Promoting Your Fundraiser

What do you need to consider when promoting your fundraiser? 

Raising money isn't easy to do. It requires a multi-front effort that gets the word out and communicates your cause in a way that energizes others to support it. Promotion and communication are accomplished through print, advertising channels, and boots on the ground. Below are a few things you should keep in mind when spreading the word about your fundraiser: 

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The Difference Between Buying a T-Shirt from an Online Company and a Company Online

Not all t-shirts are created equal. Even if the fabric is the same, what goes on the t-shirt matters

Why do people need screen printed apparel? They want to send a message. Whether that is a message promoting an event, supporting a cause, or identifying someone as part of a group, the message should be entirely unique. Uniqueness and individuality are a few things that separate the experience of buying a t-shirt from an online company and buying a t-shirt form a company online. 

Here's why the former will get you a t-shirt you'll wear and the latter will get get you a t-shirt you'll love:


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Platt's Printing Co. Opens New Space in Peoria NEXT Innovation Center

PEORIA, IL January 20, 2017 — Platt’s Printing Co. has opened a new office in the Peoria NEXT Innovation Center, dedicated to printing innovation. While Platt’s Printing is headquartered in Farmington, its new space gives it another base of operations to continue serving the entire Central Illinois region.

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