Look Down. There's Something Wrong If You Don't See Floor Graphics

By Platt's Printing Co. September 26, 2017

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Go to your facility or place of business (a retail store, arena, or anywhere else). Walk in. Now look down. Are you looking down? Good. What do you see? If your answer is just 'the floor,' that's an enormous missed opportunity. You should see floor graphics. Why? Floor graphics maximize the space you have and can be a tremendous marketing, advertising, and branding asset for your business. If your space is already packed with signage, it's time to get creative. By making use of the floor, you've suddenly expanded your available marketing space without much extra work. Is the floor a viable space for advertising, marketing, and branding? As sure as it's a viable place for walking. 

Here's why:


Floor graphics are basically bullet-proof (do not shoot bullets at it). But, seriously, these types of graphics are meant to withstand a ton of punishment. Think about it: if you have frequent foot traffic (like an arena or an airport), your graphics are getting walked on hundreds of times per day. They're built to last. Depending on how they're implemented and what materials are used, floor graphics can even withstand vehicle traffic. That's durability you can count on. When installed correctly, graphics can remain brilliant and effective on your business floors for over a year without touch-ups. 


Whether it's because people are looking at their phones or just avoiding eye contact with passer-bys, people tend to stare at the ground often. Take advantage of that habit and give your customers something to look at! By placing graphics on the floor, you're meeting your customers where they're already looking. That takes some guesswork out of reaching them and it gives them a reason to remember your business. Placing graphics on the floor gives your message high visibility that will connect with customers. 


When that connection with customers is made, that's a strong move for your brand. Graphics make your business or facility stand out in general. When they're placed effectively on the floor, they can be leveraged to accomplish a number of cool things. You can lead customers to specific featured items like a roadway. You can feature upcoming events and ticket information. You can even use them to assist in wayfinding, helping lead customers to where they (and you) want them to go. All of these functions add up to strong branding and satisfied customers. 

Don't let your floor space go to waste. Lay down graphics and start reaping the benefits. 


It's time to correct this mistake.

Let's talk about floor graphics for your business today:

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