Floor Graphics and More: Make Your Retail Store Stand Out

By Platt's Printing Co. June 27, 2017

Floor Graphics

In a world where digital window shopping runs rampant and online shopping in general is more popular than ever, retail is on the ropes. So, it's more important than ever before for retail stores to differentiate themselves. You need to create an experience for customers that makes coming in worth the trip. That 'experience' can encompass a lot. It's customer service. It's navigability. It is absolutely the aesthetic of your brick-and-mortar storefront. What your store looks like matters. It gives your store an unmistakable 'vibe' and helps communicate to customers what you're about and why your store is worth spending time in. How can you make that happen? You'll need to do things visually that set you apart from the competition. Following the crowd won't help. It's time to get unique. 

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Here are few things you can use to stand out and make your retail store THE place to be:


Floor Graphics 

Floor graphics are underutilized. Think about the floor space at your disposal. Why wouldn't you take advantage of available marketing and branding space? Floor graphics are supremely durable and will withstand years of foot traffic. You can even help solve wayfinding for customers - using floor graphics to direct them to different sections of the store. People are constantly looking down at their phones. When their eyes are down there, give them something that tears them away from Facebook for a moment and helps add to their experience. 


Wall Murals

Just like the floor, your walls are typically bare-er than they could be. Using striking vinyl, reach out to a printing company that can design and execute on a mural that will captivate customers. Giving customers something incredible to look at while they shop will keep them in the store longer and make a lasting impression on them. A well-executed vinyl wall mural can bring your branding to life, allowing you to visually 'shout' why your store is the place people should buy from. 


Self-Standing Signs 

There's nothing wrong with classic, self-standing signage. In fact, it's been a staple of retail for years for a reason: it works. Of course, you'll need superior design, as you would when deploying any printed materials. Signs are a great way to advertise a special promotion, highlight featured items in your store, or make announcements about events (or anything else). Again, as long as your design is on point, signage can give customers valuable information and make your store easy to navigate and buy from. 


Retailers have to get creative when building an experience that will turn their store into a destination. With more shoppers foregoing brick-and-mortars in favor of online shopping, it's time for retailers to reimagine their spaces and stand out from the competition. 



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