Did You See THAT? Vehicle Graphics Done Right

By Platt's Printing Co. March 28, 2017


Many businesses use vehicle wraps to create awareness and build their brand. But, as with most marketing methods, the question always comes up: is it effective? The answer is a resounding ... it depends. Again, as with most marketing pieces, it comes down to execution. Vehicle graphics can provide incredible value to your business when done right. Just buying and applying doesn't guarantee anything. Effective vehicle wraps require superior design and an attention to detail from start to finish. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind when considering a vehicle wrap. Take these things into consideration and you'll make sure you're getting maximum value out of your graphics:


Design Creates Value 

Typically, businesses pay an upfront cost and get graphics applied to company vehicles that last somewhere between four and seven years. While durability has value in itself, the true value in a vehicle wrap comes from design. If the design is weak, the impressions generated will be weak, too. That kind of defeats the purpose of having a wrap in the first place. Strong design is what drives the value of your vehicle wrap. Bad vehicle wrap design can grab attention, but it will be the wrong kind: pity, mockery, and gawking. 


You Only Have Seconds 

What makes graphic design on a vehicle "good" or "bad"? First, it's important to consider the medium. Vehicle graphics, are, deliberately, on the move. Most often, people who see your graphics are doing so at high speeds. Whether 25 or 55 MPH, your graphics have mere seconds to get your brand and message across. If your design is convoluted or overly busy, no one will understand your message. If your design is generic, kiss brand awareness goodbye. Too many wrap companies phone it in, using stock imagery instead of custom design elements. Your design needs to deliver in seconds.


Design Hierarchy 

Your design can deliver in seconds when it follows design hierarchy. Your business name should be the focal point, emblazoned as big and bold as possible onto the vehicle. Creative angles and design elements can be used to make it pop off of the vehicle and into people's memories. Next, your phone number or website address needs to be front-and-center. That's how you turn an awareness campaign into a lead generation tool. Whichever channel you feel more comfortable converting on, give that contact information prime real estate. 


Apply Design to Application 

Design doesn't have to stop at the graphic itself. Design also covers the application process. For example, try experimenting with a reflective cut vinyl overlay. Or, try using a layers effect that has elements with matte over laminate to create a contrast between your graphics and the vehicle's gloss paint finish. Your vehicle graphics will be most successful if design is put first during every step of the project. Similar to floor graphics, how your graphics and design elements play off the platform matters. Use your vehicle's native design features to your benefit. 
Make sure that your vehicle wrap represents your brand the way that you want it to. If it doesn't capture what makes your company unique, it won't be truly effective. Keep the above ideas in mind and create something special that will turn heads on the road and keep your phone ringing off the hook. 

Stellar design can supercharge your brand awareness and promote your company:

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