Custom Wall Graphics: Make Better Use of Your Space

By Platt's Printing Co. November 20, 2017


Are you making the most of the space you have? When you own a business, overhead is a major factor in how it performs. Renting space for your business is a big line item. So, it only makes sense to maximize its potential. Enter: custom wall graphics. Sure, signage and posters are effective. But, nothing compares to wall graphics. It transforms your space, giving you a branding and marketing tool that will delight customers and boost your business.



The buying experience involves many factors and includes all five senses. When you're branding your business and the space it inhabits, it has to deliver on all fronts. With custom wall graphics, your space will be visually unlike anything else your customers see. Instead of painting the walls or hanging things, turn your walls into works of art that amplify your message. With wall graphics, you can tout company values, highlight your best products or services, or reinforce what your company's mission is. Taking advantage of your space, you can think bigger and more creatively, until you run out of wall. 



Even if a customer is already in your business, it's still a good idea to market to them - encouraging them to return again and again. You can use custom wall graphics to promote special deals, exclusive items, and remind customers what brought them in in the first place. Wall graphics won't feel like traditional marketing and they'll give your business a distinct vibe. You can truly make your walls come to life, telling stories about your company that few other marketing channels can. Make the most of the space you have and keep customers engaged as they shop around. 


Cost Savings

Instead of pouring money into unknown marketing channels or branding ideas, why not make use of the space you already have? Your walls can and should talk to your customers. It will set your storefront apart and make a memorable impression on all who see it. Custom wall graphics are more affordable than building on a marketing channel from the ground up. They make use of what you're already paying for (your space) and do some heavy lifting in the branding and marketing departments.

If you haven't yet explored your options for custom wall graphics, what's holding you back? Your walls are just sitting there, waiting to help you brand and market your business. Hook up with the right design team and you'll build wall-sized artwork that pays off in the short and long-term



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