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Your Promotional Tee Doesn't Have to Be Relegated to Dirty Jobs

Promotional t-shirts have a bad reputation. They're viewed as a one-off, something to be handed out and worn on a single occasion before being buried at the bottom of a dresser drawer. Or, maybe worse, promotional tees get worn during dirty jobs. All of the effort that you put in is for naught. The apparel you invested in is covered in lawn clippings, paint, or whatever was stuck in the gutters. That can lead to hurt feelings. It can also lead to a warped sense of the value of designing and printing a promotional tee. We've taken a different approach over the years - pairing amazing design with high quality apparel. It's sweet redemption for the promo tee. 

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Don't Overlook These 4 Small Business Marketing Ideas

Small business marketing tends to be formulaic. If you run a small business, you know how it goes. Salespeople detect new blood in the neighborhood and burst through your front door, pushing radio schedules, TV spots, coupons in the local newspaper, and maybe a billboard or two. All traditional marketing platforms, designed for maximum reach. But, what if there were marketing techniques that kept the impressive reach and added captivating design? Good news: such things exist! 

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