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An Inside Look at the Screen Printing Process

At a glance, screen printing might seem simple to pull off. In fact, there are plenty of articles that will tell you how to do it at home. It's true: anybody can follow step-by-step instructions. But, unless you have the requisite experience, the likelihood of error is high. Remember, IKEA furniture comes with instructions and the process of following them causes well-documented tension. In screen printing, an error might not cause a fight, but it can require that you start the process over again. All in all, it's a more complicated process than you may think. That's why we think it's best left to professionals (*cough*). But, we want everyone to know what the process is like and all that goes into it.

Here are a few other aspects of screen printing you might not have considered: 

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6 Ways You Can Use Printing to Market Your Business

Even though print is all around us, it's often overlooked as a go-to marketing piece. That's a shame: businesses of all kinds are missing out on a marketing goldmine. Printing can be used in creative ways to establish your brand, promote your products and services, and make your name known far and wide. How can you use printing to market your business? Below are just 6 things to keep in mind:

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