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8 Things to Consider When Promoting Your Fundraiser

What do you need to consider when promoting your fundraiser? 

Raising money isn't easy to do. It requires a multi-front effort that gets the word out and communicates your cause in a way that energizes others to support it. Promotion and communication are accomplished through print, advertising channels, and boots on the ground. Below are a few things you should keep in mind when spreading the word about your fundraiser: 

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The Difference Between Buying a T-Shirt from an Online Company and a Company Online

Not all t-shirts are created equal. Even if the fabric is the same, what goes on the t-shirt matters

Why do people need screen printed apparel? They want to send a message. Whether that is a message promoting an event, supporting a cause, or identifying someone as part of a group, the message should be entirely unique. Uniqueness and individuality are a few things that separate the experience of buying a t-shirt from an online company and buying a t-shirt form a company online. 

Here's why the former will get you a t-shirt you'll wear and the latter will get get you a t-shirt you'll love:


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