6 Lasting Benefits of Custom Design

By Platt's Printing Co. October 30, 2017


Let's pretend you're hosting a fundraising event and you want t-shirts to commemorate the occasion. You can get t-shirts printed many places. Big operations like Custom Ink will let you choose from clip art selections and some standard options to "customize" your order. But, ultimately, your t-shirts will look like they came from a giant online operation. They'll look like t-shirts hurriedly created for an event. If that's what you want, great. If you want something more, opt for true custom design. Custom design comes from a design house that holds its professional design team to the highest standards. There's no standard menu, no clip art, and nothing generic about it. When those t-shirts arrive, people will have to ask 'Where did you get these done?' so they can go the same route for their next event. 

The benefits don't end there. Here are 6 lasting benefits of custom design:


1. Originality 

As touched on above, it's noticeable when something is built from pre-determined options instead of created from scratch. You want your design projects to be original. It sets your event or business apart and is more memorable to anyone who comes into contact with your design. 

2. Branding 

Your brand is your lifeblood. Branding helps make people aware of your company or your event. Custom design gives you a strong brand and word of mouth takes off. Design things that spread your message and strengthen your name. 

3. Re-Use 

Instead of a t-shirt that will spend the rest of its existence tucked in the back of a closet or dresser drawer, design something that can be worn again and again. Design something that will outgrow its original purpose. No one wants to wear a generic looking event tee. But, everyone will want to wear a work of art.

4. Inspiration

After you've done one custom design project, that could open the floodgates. Who knows what else you'll want to take to a design house? Does your company logo need updating? Are you in the market for a vehicle wrap? Design can inspire more design. 

5. Pride 

Parents attach their kid's artwork to the refrigerator for a reason: it builds confidence when you create something! In the same way, it's easier to drum up enthusiasm for an event or optimism in a business when your design is original. Instead of a generic look, you'll have a look of your own that you can be proud of.

6. Process 

The process of designing is a benefit in itself. Flexing your creative muscles is a process worth exploring. It can train your brain to think creatively and help you think through future projects differently.  

Don't settle for generic. Design something that you can call your own and reap the benefits above.


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