4 Unique Print Advertising Strategies You Haven't Considered

By Platt's Printing Co. November 30, 2017


'Print advertising' is too often painted into a corner. It's called 'boring,' 'old fashioned,' or straight up 'ineffective.' But, that's because everybody is picturing the same thing: a tiny display ad in black and white in the local newspaper. No flash, no wow factor, no engagement. It's a relic. It's a means of advertising that is in clear decline. If that's the image in your head when someone says 'print advertising,' wipe it clean. Print has so much more to offer than that and holding fast to a misconception is taking money out of your bottom line. Print can be a highly effective way of advertising when done right. 

Here are 4 print advertising strategies you haven't considered: 


1. Build a Catalog

Building and sending catalogs is a great way to familiarize potential customers with your line of products and services. If you partner with the right design team, your catalog can tell a story and be an engaging way to show off what you have to offer. Because they're lengthier, you're able to get into greater detail about products you want to feature. You can even include multiple images to drive the point home. If you're having trouble starting the conversation around your products, a catalog is a great way to get that dialogue going. 


2. Give Out Posters

Designing and giving out posters is a great way to land your company logo and branding on the walls of your prospective customers. Let's say you're a travel agency. Why not create a poster featuring one of your more popular destinations and send it out to past customers or those you're trying to turn into customers? If the design is cool, they'll likely hang it in their office, break room, or other common space. When it comes time to plan their next trip, your agency comes to mind first. Even if your business doesn't lend itself as naturally to posters, come up with a cool enough design and it will get displayed. 


3. Hand Out Stickers

Like posters, stickers are an effective way to spread your name, logo, and branding. Both have their strong suits. Posters are larger, but they're temporary and they require stronger buy-in. Stickers are typically smaller, but less of a commitment to display. They're also permanent (until someone takes time to peel them away). Otherwise, stickers are a lasting advertising tool that can promote your company in a visually engaging way. Stickers are a low-cost giveaway that can act as a perk and an advertising tool for potential customers. 


4. Release a Brochure 

Now, at first brush, 'brochure' sounds too plain. Everybody has one. What difference could that make? Well, without assailing what 'everybody' else has, all brochures are not created equally. Some brochures are dry, information packets that do little but tell readers what they could learn from a cursory Google search. Done right, a brochure can be a physical piece of what you bring to the table. Hand one to a potential customer and watch as they experience a tangible representation of your company. Your brochure can show potential customers what you're got - if you do it right.

The above print advertising strategies make it clear: print advertising works! It just has to be done well. If you're used to seeing (and picturing) bad print advertising, give that habit up and embrace an advertising channel that will grow your business and win you new customers. 


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